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Why organic posting for businesses in 2021 is still worth the time

Despite social media platforms not being what they once were in terms of free exposure, it is still worth including organic posts in your social media marketing strategy in 2021. There are still so many great reasons to utilise organic posting (posts that aren't paid for in any way) and here are just a few if you're feeling a bit disillusioned with the social media game at the moment:

Remember, organic social media marketing is still FREE marketing

Even if the exposure is down from what it was a decade ago, social media marketing is still one of the few marketing avenues that is FREE and VALUABLE. Yeah sure, you can put a poster up down the street for free but this method is not supported by an algorithm that will help the right people find it. Social media marketing still allows you to find new potential customers and for them to find you. It also gives you a way to build a relationship with them and nurture it until they are ready to purchase from you.

It can be VERY cost effective

Wait, what do you mean cost? Isn't organic social media free? Ah yes, technically, organic social media marketing is free however instead of trading dollars you are trading your time to make this marketing method work. The downside of organic social media marketing is if you don't go about it in a smart way you will end up wasting a lot of your precious time and it might end up more worth your while to just pay for marketing.

Cue my favourite word: batching.

Yep that there is the secret key (well, maybe not so secret anymore!) to nailing your organic social media marketing while not wasting hours (or days) on it.

Batching means you set aside some time, say half a day, and plan, create and schedule your posts for the next fortnight or month, or whatever time period you choose so that it is done and you don't have to worry about it.

Want to know more about the magical world of batching? Check out my course about it here.

You can reach new audiences by utilising different platforms available to you

There's a number of different social media platforms now available to us business owners to use to connect with completely new audiences. Most recently, TikTok has emerged as a new way to connect with younger generations but LinkedIn still exists for those that want to connect with professionals or B2B. This is mostly trial and error but if you have the time it is worth considering expanding your social media options to outside of just Facebook and Instagram to see who else is out there waiting for you.

Your potential customers will search for you on socials

These days social media platforms are starting to be used as search engines more and more. I know that I have always been a big one for looking up hashtags when I visit new locations to see what pops up on Instagram. I have chosen many restaurants based on this in fact, and it looks like social media platforms are catching up, focusing on location tags and how users can access them.

Your potential clients will judge you on your socials

There's no way around this anymore, many of your potential clients will judge you based on what you have on your socials. This will include aspects of your business like whether they like your work to things like whether you're open for business and even what your personality is like! We often check out social platforms as they can feel more personal than a website and feel like we're closer to knowing the person behind the scenes, which is who most people want to actually connect with!

It's a great place to gather customer experiences

Social media is a great place to gather reviews. Facebook offers an easy way to do this and ask your audience for reviews that can then be seen easily on your page or you can use in other places. Your platforms are also a great place to re-share testimonials as your potential audience can see that it's real people that are posting about your business.

Ready to level up your organic social media game?

I'll have another blog post out soon about how to improve your social media practices, if you wanted to be kept up to date about this join my mailing list here.


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