Build the Basics Program

A supportive program to help businesses take control of their social media marketing

Learn how to get the most out of your social media marketing consistently

As a business owner, there will be at least one time (if not plenty) you found social media marketing to be exhausting! 

Despite being super valuable, it is also never ending! Week in, week out you need to feed the content machine that is Facebook, Instagram or your platform of choice, or risk falling out of favour with the algorithm and having your organic posts seen even less.

Recently, thanks to lockdown number 5 (no, wait, was it 6? 7?) I had been feeling rather unmotivated to be posting about my business, a notion reflected by many of my peers. It was this coupled with a reoccurring theme of clients wanting to be able to control their social media marketing but not feeling equipped with the skills or with the time that the idea for this program was born.

This is my first course which aims to make the process of batch creating and scheduling your social media content easier so that you can take back time in your business while feeling supported to do so.


Who is the program for?

This program can be used by anyone who creates social media content and posts it, but I have particularly created it for:

  • Business owners who don't know what to post on social media to market their business

  • Business owners who want to take back their time and stop wasting it on social media

  • Business owners who need help planning their content or need a social media marketing strategy

  • Business owners who need help creating their content

  • Business owners who need help putting aside some time each month to ACTUALLY create their content and schedule it

  • Business owners who want to create good social media marketing habits

  • Business owners who feel a bit unmotivated and need a supportive community

  • Business owners who want less stress around social media marketing

How can the program help me?

If you're a business owner this program was made just for you and can benefit you in a number of ways including help you:

  • Understand how social media marketing can help your business

  • Understand how to create a strategic plan for you social media marketing

  • With the process of planning, batch creating and scheduling your content

  • Feel supported and give you a place to ask questions if you get stuck with the process

  • With DIY design (and creating your content!)

  • Form good habits to make the process of batching your content easier

  • Motivate you when you just aren't feeling it - the key to socials is consistency!

How will the program be structured?

I decided to call this course a program as it is a bit of a hybrid when it comes down to its structure. It has elements of group coaching and elements of courses with self-directed learning, and it also has a community aspect.

It has been designed to help you as a business owner learn the process of planning, batch creating and scheduling content and form the good habit of doing this monthly.


There will be documents to help you support to complete these tasks plus a webinar fortnightly that introduces you to the tasks. This webinar will be recorded if you are unable to attend the webinar time.

After the webinar, you will have time to ask questions. You will also have the opportunity to do some of the work and ask for advice if you get stuck in real time. There will also be the option of email and group support if you are completing this on your own schedule.

I would recommend you being part of the program for 3 months to really create that understanding of the process and form the habit, however this iis up to you! You may find one month is enough, or you might like to be part of the program's community and stay for longer.

How can I get involved?

If this sounds like something you've been wanting help with I'd love to chat and see if you would benefit from this program!

As this is my pilot program, I don't yet have fancy way to onboard those of you who are excited to give it a go (don't worry I am working on it!) so you'll have to send me a message to get the ball rolling.

The program's pilot price is $300 per month, which includes two webinars/group calls with me that cover content strategy, creation and scheduling, resources to help you batch your content and access to support from me throughout the month. There is no lock in contract at the moment, however I do recommend considering being part of the program for a 3 month period to help support your knowledge, skills and habits. You will also secure the pilot price for as long as you want to remain in the program.