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Boutique marketing for small and mid business

Design and marketing go hand in hand and I am happy to be offering both print and digital marketing to small businesses! Your marketing should be so much more than just whipping together something really quickly to post on Facebook or Instagram. I can provide digital marketing strategies that will help you reach customers better, engage your reach and increase your sales.

Here at Chlo and Co Creatives, I love all types of marketing including traditional flyers, posters and postcards but I specifically specialise in digital marketing for small businesses. Perhaps it is from growing up with evolving technology and getting the chance to test the many different platforms that gives me my enthusiasm for digital marketing, but I definitely believe that digital marketing provides huge opportunities for small business to connect with their potential clients.


I offer a variety of packages for digital marketing that allow you to have as much or as little control over it as you like. I can help you create consistent and valuable content for your social media platforms, manage your platforms or help you get online.  I can also help you set-up and start building an email list or create weekly newsletters to engage your already existing database.

If you're not sure where to start with marketing for your business please contact me here so we can have a chat about it - perhaps you are just after a content plan or maybe you are ready to free up some time by handing over some or all of your marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Social media creation & management for small business

Repeat after me, social media IS marketing. In fact, social media marketing is a very effective form of reaching and connecting with your customers. Social media marketing offers a wide variety of opportunities to market your services or products both organically and through targeted advertising.

Here at Chlo and Co Creatives, I can help you with a number of affordable social media marketing options for your small business. This includes content creation for posts, content planning, post scheduling or total social media management.

To have a look at my services list and pricing, please click here to send me a message. If you're not sure what service you need, but you know you want some help with your social media management please reach out here for a chat!

Small Websites

Social media creation & management for small business

Websites can be an amazing, underutilised marketing method for small businesses. Due to social media websites have taken a backseat but they are still one of the best ways to be found on Google, present your services or products to your potential customers and create trust between you and clients. 

The other good news about websites these days is they are nowhere near as expensive as they once were and you are able to have some control of changes and updates if you wish.


I offer small businesses simple, budget-friendly website options to help you get online and get found through Google searches. If you'd like to know more about my website packages, please contact me here.

Website Marketing Small Business Brendan Kelly Electrical
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Website Marketing Small Business Sorensen Cleaning
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Website Marketing Small Business
Newsletter Design
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Social media packages start at $150
Website marketing packages start at $500

Content creation, scheduling, social media plans and management options are available.

Website options include small to large website builds and design. They can also include content and copy.

Newsletter creation prices starts at $200

Newsletter and blog packages include both design, set-up and copy if desired.

Want to see more work? Click here!

Check out my folio for a small selection of my previous design and marketing projects.

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