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Design and Branding Services

Designs and branding for small to mid businesses

I love helping small businesses communicate their brand, their values and how they can help their customers through visuals that make an impact.

I am a graphic designer located in Townsville and I offer a variety of design services to the small businesses of our region and beyond (thanks to this very useful tool called the internet!). 

Through design, I want to help you create relationships with your audience to form trust and interest from them and increase your engagement and sales.

Whether you are just starting out and are requiring a logo or branding kit, want to revamp tired business visuals or take your communication to the next level, I can help you attract your ideal clients through consistent and clear design.

I also offer templates to help your DIY graphics look professional!

Below are some packages I currently offer in print and digital design but it is by no means a comprehensive list as there truly is so many options and needs in the design field. If you are a person who likes lists and prices in front of you, or know exactly what you want and would like to know my pricing, please don't hesitate to contact me for a quote! 

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Design work-7.jpg
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Logos and Branding Services

Create a visual brand that represents your business

Logo and branding work is some of my absolute favourite design work to create!

I love being able to help small and mid businesses create a visual identity that they can use across their business both online and in print, or in store.

I offer a variety of logo and branding services to help cover all budgets including a value for money, basic logo only package, along with larger logo and branding kits that include visual branding guidelines to help you implement your new visuals and branding elements to help you with your marketing. I am also more than happy to create custom logo packages to cover the required needs of your business.

Click here to enquire about my logo and branding packages or full a pricing list.

Print Design

Get your print basics right and create consistent visuals

Print design is NOT dead, I promise! It simply has to share its spotlight with digital design now - which is a huge win for small businesses. 


Print design still has a place in your business to fill gaps that digital design can't, like business cards to hand out with orders, in store or at face-to-face events, or posters to hang on walls and other outdoors areas. 


It is also an amazing way to connect with your customers these days and make your business stand out from the crowd. Print design creates tangible products that your client's can hold in their hands, which is something very different to our very online world. You can use this by including postcards, branded note-pads, pens, stickers and other gifts to reward loyal customers and keep them coming back.

Want some more help with print design? Contact me here and let's chat!

Social Media Marketing
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website 1.jpg
FLT Website Design.png
Digital Design

Designs for all types of digital assets for your business

Digital design is a super effective way for us as businesses to communicate with our clients. It includes such a huge variety of services these days from websites to social media, e-newsletters to email signatures.


Digital design offers many opportunities to create a community with your customers and the design you use on these platforms can help support this by making your message clear and easy to recognise as your business. Banners and appropriate sized designs that fit the allocated space on platforms will also make your brand look more professional and tech-savvy  online.

I offer most types of digital design, if you're ready to see what digital design can do for you, get in contact with me here.


Make DIY design easier with professional templates

You may or may not be aware that there are now some powerful DIY design tools out there that can help you produce content for your business, especially beneficial for your social media platforms that require constant new designs weekly.

I am now offering a new design service providing design templates that matches your branding that you can then use in your DIY designs. This can help keep your DIY designs professional and on-brand, helping you create consistency and trust with your customers and potential clients.

If this interests you but you need more help with DIY, I am also offering group and one on one training on how to organise and create your own social media marketing. Contact me here for more information.

For Soul Logo Insta.jpg

Logo and branding packages starting at $500

Bree and Bagel Business Card.jpg
Print design and digital design starting at $50.

Logo and branding packages include concepts, refinements and final designs in a range of formats.

Pricing varies largely on design services required, please contact me for more information.

Starter Package.jpg
Small business starter packages starting at $950
Design work-10.jpg

Want to see more work? Click here!

Includes logo design, business card design, social media templates and a small website.

Check out my folio and a small sample of some of my previous work.

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