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Frequently asked questions

Wedding Photography

Will you travel to take wedding photos? Does it cost extra?

I might be a wedding photographer based in Townsville but I am more than happy to travel anywhere to take photos! I will travel interstate and even overseas to photograph your big day if you wish! I include travel around the Townsville area in my wedding photography packages however for locations that are further away such as Cairns I do charge a small travel fee. If you are interested in having Chlo & Co Creatives as your wedding photographer and are holding your wedding outside the Townsville area, please send me a quick message for an accurate travel quote by clicking here.

Can I add more time to a package?

If you feel you need more coverage time with any of these packages, additional hours are charged at $150 per hour. Additional hours might be used for getting ready photos or further coverage at the reception.

What is a booking fee? How does the process work?

To secure your wedding date you are required to pay a non-refundable booking fee. This is due to the limited amount of weekend wedding dates available each year and because most dates are booked months, even years in advance to the wedding day date. The booking fee also secures your package price and inclusions, which will be honoured even if prices or packages are changed before your day. Each packages booking fee is 35% of the overall fee, including custom packages. The booking fee is part of the package price and not an additional cost.

What is your approach to wedding photography?

Here at Chlo and Co Creatives I like to capture images in a documentary style mixed with light guidance. Generally, I like to capture your memories as they unfold for the majority of your wedding, however I tend to do some organising when it comes to family photos! I like to give you a little bit of direction during your wedding portraits, although this often just ends in me telling jokes to help you feel as comfortable as possible! Visuals are probably best to help you decide if you like my style so be sure to check out my wedding photography gallery here.

We don’t want all day wedding coverage, just a few hours. Do you offer shorter photo coverage options? 

Chlo & Co Creatives offers wedding photography packages based off of the stages of your day. I offer a half day package that captures your ceremony, family photos and wedding portraits but can also create a custom package for just family photos and wedding portraits.

Are you insured?

Yes, I have current Public Liability Insurance. Please advise Chlo & Co Creatives if your ceremony or reception venue requires a Certificate of Currency.

How long do you need for the 'official' wedding photos on the wedding day?

I highly recommend putting away an hour and a half to two hours for your wedding party photos and wedding portraits. I would recommend an hour at minimum. This allows us to properly capture the fun and intimate moments of your day, even if something doesn't go to plan!

Do I receive digital files?

Most definitely! No matter which wedding photography package you choose, you will receive a set of print-ready files, digital images to share on social media and a black and white set. 

Are the images we receive edited?

All photos you receive back are edited in my style to reflect the image style you have seen here on the Chlo & Co Creatives website. I keep the editing of your images fairly natural however I like to bring out the light and colours in your photos to really highlight the happiness of your day. I also edit out things like flies, clothing stains and pimples (unless requested otherwise). All images are individually edited which includes adjustments to colour, exposure and lighting. A general minimum photo count can be found in the package descriptions here.

Can we tell you how we want the photos edited?

No. The style of my editing is what you see on this website. If you do not like the style of my photos it is unlikely that we are a good fit. Keep in mind, when you hire a photographer you are not just hiring them to capture the photos, but also their style of editing.

Do you deliver every image you shoot?

Almost! With our packages you receive all of your 'good' images. This means I eliminate things like duplicate images, test shots, out-of-focus shots and unflattering expressions. This means you don't have the added stress of choosing which images you will or won't get edited, or having to pay more money because you want extra photos edited.

Do you provide the RAW files or unedited images?

No, Chlo & Co Creatives do not supply any unedited or RAW files. As a professional photographer, I pride myself on delivering a finished product, and that is the final edited images. My shooting style and editing style is essential to the way I create your story, the editing is as much of a part of the service as taking the photo is. All images that Chlo & Co Creatives gives back is a representation of my style and brand and therefore, anything released to my clients needs to be work that is finished to ensure a cohesive depiction of my work.

How long does it take to receive the images?

Images can take up to 3 months (12 weeks) to process, particularly in peak wedding season. You will however, receive a sneak peek from your wedding on Chlo & Co Creatives' Facebook page the very next day and throughout the process. Photo sets generally take me at least 4 weeks to organise at a minimum, usually due to the amount of photos that I edit and return. If you have a reason that you need your photos earlier than this, please talk to me to see how we can accommodate your needs.


Do you require a meal on the wedding day?

If you choose an 'all day' package, a meal would be most appreciated (particularly if your venue is in a more isolated or an out-of-town location) but is not a requirement. Photographing a wedding from start to finish requires you to be on your feet for many hours so wedding photographers are always grateful for a hot meal and a short sit-down! If you are unable to provide a meal, it would be lovely if you could let me know so that I can organise something for myself.

Should we provide you with a photo list for the day?

At Chlo & Co Creatives, I always encourage you to send through photos that you love so we can take similar ones on your day. Please keep in mind however, your wedding day may not go to plan so it is not always possible to get every single photo on your photo list! You will most definitely be asked for a list of group or family photos that you would like on the day to ensure that we don't miss anyone! 

If we have to cancel for any reason, will we receive our booking fee back?

Unfortunately no. The booking fee is used to reserve your date. Once I have reserved your date, I do not accept new clients for that date which means if you cancel or change your mind I am unlikely to be able to book another couple in on that date. Please see the above question about booking fees for more information.

If we change our wedding date, will we be able to use our booking fee towards another date?

Hopefully yes! If this happens please let me know ASAP and I will work with you to try and secure a new date that we are both available on. Please note however if you need to change your date more than once you will be required to pay an extra 'change-of-date' fee.

Do you provide wedding videography?

Yes, I now provide a limited number of videography dates per year. Please contact me for more information, but be aware, I can only photograph OR film your wedding, I cannot do both.

What is the Digital Photo Booth?

The Digital Photo Booth is a backdrop and lighting set-up that can be added onto a package if desired. It is an excellent way to capture and entertain your guests at your reception. Like a printed-photo photo booth this set-up comes with props to be used in your photos, only I will be taking the photos of your guests and the images will be returned to you along with the rest of your wedding photos digitally. Guests are of course more than welcome to take their own photos in front of the backdrop and I am always happy to assist. We find that kids particularly love the digital photo booth and it can keep them entertained for hours! Please send me a message here for more info.


What happens if I book my wedding and have to postpone my wedding due to COVID-19?

In the case of a COVID incident that forces you to move your wedding date, I will work with you to re-book to another available date. If we are unable to work out another date you will forfeit your booking fee unless the wedding was cancelled due to you having COVID or a lock down. If you contracted COVID and therefore had to change your wedding date, and we absolutely can't find a new date that suits both of us, I will refund the booking fee minus $250. If you have to cancel your wedding due to a lockdown, and we absolutely can't find a new date that suits both of us, your full booking fee will be refunded

Are you vaccinated? 

I sure am!

Got more questions?

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