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Master the basics of DIY design with Canva in my free training series

If you have ever wanted to get started with Canva or signed up to Canva but wasn’t sure what to do next, I have developed a new 3 part Canva training series especially for you!

Lately I’ve heard a few of my clients mention that they were interested in Canva but weren’t sure where to start or if they would be able to learn the skills to use it, so with this in mind I have created a very beginner level tutorial series to help you learn the basics of this wonderful design platform.

And the best part?

The Canva training is absolutely free!

Click here to grab them right now, or feel free to read on to see if the short program is right for you.

Training #1: An introduction to Canva

This is the perfect tutorial to watch if you have NEVER even opened Canva. It is also perfect if you may have signed up and then felt overwhelmed by the many choices Canva offers or if you just generally feel like a Canva novice.

This is the longest training and is essentially split into two parts.

The first Canva training begins at the very start of your Canva journey - signing up. I will walk you through this before giving you a tour of all the things Canva offers you. Not only does this show you where things are, but it also provides you with something you can refer back to when looking for something on your own.

The second half of this Canva tutorial addresses the design app and the many tools you can use in it. I will show you how to create a file and then where to find the tools you will need. As we go I will also explain to you how to use these tools.

This includes:

  • How to adjust the background colour

  • How to create a shape and change its colour

  • How to add a graphic

  • How to add a photo

  • How to add text and then change the font style, colour and size

Again, this is a great Canva training to refer back to when you are creating designs yourself and find you can’t quite remember where a tool was or how to make it work.

Training #2: How to use Canva for Social Media

This Canva tutorial is the one you want to watch if you want to know how to use Canva to create your own social media marketing content.

This Canva training looks at how to use the excellent templates that Canva provides for free. We cover how to find a Canva template that you can simply add your own content (images and words too) and then we look at how to alter the templates more to reflect your branding better. This includes changing the colours and the fonts to represent how your brand usually looks visually.

We also have a look at where to find your Canva templates once you create them and how this storage system can work for you when you are batch creating your content.

Training #3: Canva tips & tricks

The last Canva training was made to show you some of the excellent features Canva offers that you might not know about otherwise (or which might take you a long time to figure out). This is a great Canva tutorial if you are more familiar with the program and might give you some new ideas to try out.

We’ll look at how to make the Canva templates your own, using the template design as a basis for your own and making it look more unique.

I’ll show you the handy trick of how to resize templates in the free version of Canva.

We’ll also have a look at how to use Canva for ‘stories’ and video content that you have. Canva offers great ‘stories’ templates which are huge time savers! Canva also allows you to upload and trim videos so you can add them to templates to add to Instagram, Facebook etc.

Lastly the Canva tutorial looks at using Canva to create reels. This is an awesome feature that makes it really easy to create informative reels and have it transition well. It’s also great to create some branding that your video can sit on for the reel.

How to get your hands on the free Canva tutorials:

If this free Canva training sounds like something you need in your inbox ASAP, click this link to sign-up to my super juicy marketing and design e-newsletter here and they’ll be on their way to you!

Any questions? Send me a message here!


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