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Has your story share button disappeared from Instagram? Here's how to fix it (2021)

A couple of days ago, Instagram had me questioning my technology skills again by randomly moving a button that has allowed you to reshare your own post or others' post to your Instagram stories.

It currently looks likes this has happened to business accounts as when I went and checked my personal account, the normal way to reshare posts was still there (this also made me wonder if it was just my account and if I had done something to upset the 'Instagram Gods'). I also wondered if it was a glitch and if I needed to either update my app, or maybe just turn my phone off and then on again...

Of course, none of these things fixed the problem of the missing reshare button, which resulted in me doing a lot of Googling and sifting through information to try and find where it had been gone - or if it had been deleted for permanently.

I tried:

  • Why can't I share others post on my Instagram?

  • Why can't I share others post on my Instagram stories?

  • Why can't I share my post on my Instagram stories?

  • Why don't I have a post reshare button on Instagram?

  • Where has the post reshare button on Instagram gone?

  • Where has the post reshare button on Instagram gone September 2021? (as I was getting a lot of old articles!)

After sifting through many articles I got lucky and a comment from a lovely person (amongst a bunch of very unhelpful comments) set me on the right track!

It turns out that the reshare button to post others' or your own posts onto your Instagram stories had just been moved and definitely still existed! It is now located in your actually stories, so you have to make a story to find it (very different to the original one!).

Here's where to find your reshare button on Instagram if yours has disappeared:

Once upon a time the reshare button was on the post you wanted to reshare.

(This shows you the difference between my two accounts, one still has it this way and the other, my business account, has had it shifted)

It has now been moved to inside the stories 'stickers' icon.

You can find it by navigating to your stories. You then will need to take a photo, add an image or create a text post. Once you have done this you will be able to go to the 'smiley face' icon (also known as the sticker icon that holds GIFs, location and mentions) and find the button that says 'reshare'.

Click on this and you will be given three options, one is your recently viewed posts, the next is your saved posts and then the last one is your own feed (which I have circled in the image). Click on whichever you need and your post will appear on your story in the same way that it used to.

Now this is a bit more fiddly than the previous way you did this but the cool thing about it is you can now add in a background behind your reshare far more easily than before! This can be nice and eye catching for different types of posts, especially if you have theme days to help with your social media content.

This also means you can have branded background graphics. This allows you to create that consistency with your branding like I have done in the below image. If you wanted your own custom ones like mine below, get in contact with me here :)

If you want to see these steps in a video click here to jump over to my Instagram to see it in action.

(My blog doesn't allow for me to place the video here from Instagram, but I can from Facebook, so I will update this post once I have uploaded it to FB!)

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out!


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