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Reflections by Maddi Moser

My second exhibition 'Reflections' is currently on, albeit virtually, at the Manningham Art Gallery.

This exhibition is in conjunction with another awesome Victorian Aboriginal artist called Troy Firebrace (check out his work here).

'Reflections' was built from the attitudes I saw after the horrendous bushfires that impacted so much of our country and then the Health Crisis that has swept the world. It is a reflection on community spirit and our connections to natural spaces, our land, Country. Reflections looks inwards to remind us that we can and will continue to thrive.

To help you enjoy the exhibition, I've set up this post as a bit of a virtual gallery for you view. You'll notice in this collection that a lot of artworks are related to each other. They can of course be enjoyed individually, but some have been created in a set to tell a larger story.

If you are interested in purchasing a print you can find my shop here ( or please contact me.

Reflections, Maddi Moser

Ripples, Maddi Moser

Rhythm, Maddi Moser

Perspective, Maddi Moser

Between the Rivers and Mountains, Maddi Moser

Forest Spirits Yarrabin, Maddi Moser

Forest Spirits Mudjerr, Maddi Moser

Forest Spirits Dawalin, Maddi Moser

If you are interested in purchasing a print please contact me here.

Take a virtual tour of my exhibition 'Land Currents' here.


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