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Land Currents by Maddi Moser

Take a virtual gallery tour of my 2019 exhibition 'Land Currents'.

This is a collection of 12 artworks that celebrates our connections to landscapes.

The exhibit is made up a number of digital prints on textured, fine art paper that gives the artworks a beautiful depth.

For more information on Land Currents click here.

If you are interested in purchasing a print you can find my shop here ( or please contact me.

River Dreaming, Maddi Moser

Bunjil's Sky, Maddi Moser

Taungurung Country, Maddi Moser

Mirnjandun (Moonlight), Maddi Moser

Home in the Mallee, Maddi Moser

Sunset on the Murray, Maddi Moser

Wurniit (Progress), Maddi Moser

Dhiminoninon (Peace), Maddi Moser

Keepers of the Mountain, Maddi Moser

Those that live here, Maddi Moser

Wunwarren (Growth), Maddi Moser

If you are interested in purchasing a print please contact me here.


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