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Okay well technically this was a Tangambalanga Wedding (or even a Sandy Creek wedding, I'm unsure exactly where one area ends and the next begins!) instead of an Albury wedding, but for those of us that aren't local I thought either title might be a bit confusing!

This set is a bit of a throw back but I have always wanted to get it up on the blog and share the glorious sunset we got to take photos with!

Lauren and Ryan's wedding was held on a warm, stormy day in November 2017 out on Ryan's parent's family farm out towards Tangambalanga/Sandy Creek - which was an absolutely gorgeous venue!

It was a bit of a wild day weather wise, very humid, warm and a little bit windy. I went and met Lauren at her house to snap a few getting ready shots. When I left for the venue there was only a slight suggestion of what was about to roll in.

Once I arrived at the venue I met Ryan and got some photos of all the lovely details Lauren and Ryan had set-up for the ceremony and the reception (both held on the farm). The sun was lovely at this point of the day but as the ceremony start time got closer so did the storm. Then those big, angry clouds set in along with the wind and the rain! It was a very intense storm (although we had plenty of places to hide inside while it passed). It took somewhere between 30 to 45 minutes to disperse and it wasn't until after the ceremony we found out that Lauren and her bride squad spent the majority of it parked at the top of the driveway! What champions!

After the storm cleared, we were blessed with sun and magnificent skies. The ceremony was able to continue on like planned and everything else went smoothly, albeit an hour later!

It was a lovely ceremony and really reminded me how fabulous it is when you are able to have the ceremony and reception of your wedding at the same place! It really is just so much easier to handle hiccups during the day and also means that your guests don't have to worry about getting from one venue to another.

After a few family photos and photos with the car, Ryan, Lauren and I were able to sneak off and take a few shots to look back on the day with. In fact, the delay with the ceremony only helped us capture better photos. With it being later, the sun was setting and created the most wonderful sunset for wedding photos! Don't take my word for it though, check out the photos below!

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