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Buy Blak this Indigenous Business Month: An Indigenous Business Gift Guide

October is Indigenous Business Month which celebrates the ownership of businesses by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia.

This day was developed by the alumni of Melbourne Business School's MURRA Indigenous Business Master Class Program as a way of promoting Indigenous business and pathways into Indigenous business. They saw business as a a way to provide positive role models for young Indigenous Australians and improve the quality of life for Indigenous communities (to read more about the day check out's write up here or the Indigenous Business website here).

I wanted to celebrate the month in a more practical way, by supporting Indigenous businesses by purchasing products or services from them.

This also seemed like the perfect time to be writing a gift guide as Christmas is just around the corner and with the way the Aus Post has been lately, I would rather get my shopping done sooner rather than later!

This is only a very small collection of Indigenous businesses that you can buy from so I encourage you to seek out those in the spaces that you are wanting to buy from!

In fact there is so many awesome Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses out there I am thinking of doing another guide in the lead up to Christmas, so feel free to get in contact with me if you are a Blak Business or want to recommend someone!

Ngarga Warendj - Homewares, art and artifacts

Ngaraga Warendj is a bit of a one-stop shop when it comes to buying gifts for different friends and family!

They offer a large range of home wares with Mick's beautiful designs on them along with various clothing items, such as beanies, ties and pins, and bath and body products including body wash and shaving kits.

Being a bit of a cheese lover, I can't go past Ngarga Warendj's serving boards, offered in a variety of sizes and designs!

If you're looking for something a bit more out of the box, or perhaps a professional gift, Ngarga Warendj also offer traditional artifacts, beautiful three-dimensional artwork that can be placed in the home similar to sculptures.

Check out the Ngaraga Warendj's range here and keep up to date via their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Chocolate on Purpose - Delicious treats!

If you're looking for a gift for someone and you perhaps aren't sure of their tastes, such a Kris Kringle or colleague, you really can't go wrong with a delicious something from Chocolate on Purpose! Inspired and made with delightful native flavours they create a unique gift while still ensuring maximum satisfaction!

Check out the Chocolate on Purpose's range here and keep up to date via their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Emro Designs - The perfect addition to any room!

I have never been so mesmerised by mats before I saw Emro Design's gorgeous rugs and picnic blankets! These are beautiful, functional statement pieces that can really transform the whole room! Of course, if you don't have enough for a rug (I have been guilty of this many times!), Emro designs also offers smaller items such as pillow cases to help bring some fun into your space.

Check out the Emro range here and keep up to date via their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Yarn Strong Brutha (Yarn Strong Sista) - Earthy homewares

Yarn Strong Brutha offer variety of different gifting options including beautiful bowls and mugs, scarves and candles along with other clever things for your home.

There is a strong earthy feel to all of the products helping you bring a bit of the outside in.

Check out the Yarn Strong Brutha range here and keep up to date via their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Mabu Mabu - Treat your taste buds with kits!

I am a huge food lover and Mabu Mabu provides a variety of foodie experiences inspired by Indigenous flavours for you to enjoy. You can opt to actually visit the cafe if you live in Naarm and enjoy sampling the various menu, or you can opt for at-home gifts that include cooking kits for those who you know love to get creative in the kitchen, or for those less hands-on their is a range of teas, hot chocolates and condiments.

Check out the Mabu Mabu range here and keep up to date via their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Mwerre Soaps - Bath & Body Products

Always a crowd pleaser, don't underestimate the power of deliciously smelling bathroom goodies that you or those you are busying gifts for can use for a bit of R&R! There's a large range of products including beautiful clay infused soaps and bath bombs!

Check out the Mwerre Soap range here and keep up to date via their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Raechel Saunders - Artworks & Trinkets

Raechel Saunders is an Aboriginal artist specialising in beautiful three dimensional artworks including the wearable type (earrings etc) and joyous two dimensional artworks.

Raechel's pipi collection caught my eye in particular as they were so beautifully decorated and I thought they would make a lovely focal point in anyone's home or office.

Raechel has such a beautiful style that features eye-catching, complex patterns and beautiful pastel colours.

You also have the option of purchasing Raechel's unique artwork as wearable art which you can find over at her Etsy store here.

Check out the Raechel's range here or here and keep up to date via their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Cooee Cafe/Jala Jala Treasts - Enjoy the long lunch!

Another foodie experience option, Cooee Cafe is a Mornington peninsula cafe that offers flavours from our first nations peoples. Now you could easily treat your families or friends to a meal at the cafe or you could consider booking in for a 'Full Indigenous Lunch' experience that will really let you taste the different delicacies available.

Not in the area? Cooee Cafe also own Jala Jala Treasts! Jala Jala Treats offers delicious chocolate blocks flavoured in unique blends with native fruits and seeds and their own coffee beans! You'll also find a variety of different Indigenous pantry gifts of the Jala Jala website, allowing you to make the perfect Indigenous flavours hamper!

Check out the Cooee Cafe here and Jala Jala Treats here.

And Lastly...

If you're looking for some lively and vivid wall art to transport you back to your favourite outdoor places you could have a look at my collection of artworks.

My artwork is available in a range of sizes which makes it easy to gift and send through the post if needed!

I produce mixed media artworks that are finalised digitally allowing for them to be printed at various sizes to suit the space which you have to display it.

The prints are limited editions and printed on a luxurious art paper which brings out the depth in my artworks. I also have smaller prints (approximately A4 size) that are produced on a matte card making them super durable and easy to handle.

I now have a number of different designs available that feature a lot of different landscapes so you should be able to find one that resonates with you and reminds you of some of your own fond memories (that is after all, my goal for my artworks!)

If you'd like to know more, see my full collection or have a look at pricing (it varies on size) jump over to my Etsy here.

If you do purchase something due to this gift guide I would love to hear about it! Feel free to tag me on Instagram (maddi_chloandco) or Facebook ( and of course, remember to tag the business owner too! It's always a lovely surprise to open social media and see that someone is enjoying your products or services!


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