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Cassie & Michael's Swan Hill Farm Wedding

It's my favourite tall people's wedding anniversary and I thought what's a better way to celebrate than a walk down memory lane with a cute little blog post!?

It was also the perfect reason to get back into creating blog posts around my wedding photography as I have been a bit slack on it thanks to the 'C' word -_- ...and because I really struggle to pick out an appropriate amount of photos for a blog post, rather than just uploading the whole album like I want to! It's definitely a skill I am working on! :') Choosing from Cass and Michael's wedding set was particularly hard as I love every single one of them and they're both ridiculously photogenic people (a photographer's dream really!).

Cassie and Michael's original wedding plans did change but it was wonderful that they still got to take some of their wedding photos on the river and enjoy their chosen wedding date. I have known both Cassie and Michael a very long time so it was really lovely to get to be there for these moments and even more fun to get to capture it!

I have thoroughly enjoyed picking these photos out for you, so without further ado (heh heh, lil wedding photographer humour for you) welcome to Cassie & Michael's wedding (post)!


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