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My favourite honeymoon destinations

Getting married and needing some honeymoon location inspo? Or just wanting a unique holiday? I've got you covered!

It is no secret that I love a good holiday, particularly one that gets me away from the crowds and is a little bit different. I am a lover of all things ocean and beach along with our natural world. With this said however I am not majorly into camping (even glamping!) so I like to find locations that I can enjoy the outdoors while still having a home base.

I am also a big one for getting value for money on my holidays, now this doesn't necessarily mean my holidays are on the cheaper end but it does mean I like to research and organise them so I know I won't have any #holidayregrets at the end of our trip. For this reason, I have fallen in love with Airbnb. There are just so many accommodation gems hidden on this website that have amazing locations and very good pricing. To top it off, you can choose to have these properties all to yourself (which I think is the icing on the cake!).

This is by no means an extensive list but hopefully it will get you thinking about the kind of honeymoon you want! If you have any questions about any of the locations, or want to suggest a location for my next list, send me a message here.

The all inclusive holiday (Maldives)

I am pretty sure the Maldives are on many people’s travel destination bucket list and I am here to tell you, it will not disappoint!

I first learnt about this amazing part of the world from ‘Getaway’ back in my childhood, before I even understood how flights or travelling really worked. I forgot about it for a while until Instagram reacquainted me with the visions of dazzling turquoise waters and relaxing shady palm trees, so for my first overseas trip I took my mumma bear to the Maldives for her 50th.

The whole trip was truly luxurious (and we didn’t even get any room upgrades or even stay at a super high-end resort). The water was a ridiculous, surreal blue, there were ample places to relax, the food was amazing and the snorkelling was brilliant! Never have I seen such a variety of sea life in one place! The colours of the fish were so vibrant, we spotted a few baby sharks (before the song was popular!) and even got to swim with turtles.

Our accommodation was the original Maldives resort Kurumba and it had many, many options to choose from. We opted for the standard room simply based on the fact that we didn’t think we would really be hanging out in it too much. When we arrived and opened our door we were pleasantly surprised with a room with a balcony and view along with a super cool bathroom featuring an outdoor shower and garden. If this is what the standard room was, I can only imagine how dazzling an upgrade would have been!

We chose to go with an all-inclusive package which included buffet breakfast, lunch and tea along with alcoholic drinks (which included cocktails!). Personally I thought this option was very helpful and meant that you didn’t need to worry about money as much. You were still of course free to eat at other restaurants if you desired but I felt this option was just so much easier! After looking into prices, it was also great value for money so make sure you check that out at the resorts you look at if you’re considering the Maldives!

Holiday Tip: I think the only downside to our whole trip was how long the flight was. I for one don’t really enjoy flying so it was a really, really long time to deal with. I think in future I would consider stopping over in Singapore, which I am told is very interesting!

The tropical holiday (Fiji)

If you’re still after a tropical retreat but aren’t keen on a super long plane ride or you are wanting a location that’s a little more budget friendly, consider the beautiful island of Fiji!

Fiji is practically Australia’s neighbour and therefore only takes a short flight to arrive and the pricing is very fair. More importantly however, is this beautiful island also offers beautiful beaches, oceans alive with colour and accommodation options for every budget. Whether you want a honeymoon that is relaxing or one full of adventure, you’ll be able to find it in Fiji.

Another positive about Fiji is the beautiful, cheerful culture that resides on the island, that will help you fall in love with the place. Once you arrive you are on ‘island time’, a mindset that you won’t be able to help but get into it.

Snorkelling is super fun here too. Very easy waters mean that even if you aren’t used to swimming in the ocean you should still be able to have a go and enjoy it. There is plenty of different fish to see here. I found a good diversity however most of the fish appeared to be a bit smaller than some of the ones I viewed in the Maldives (however I may not have been at the right reefs for the bigger fish!). If you don’t love ducking your head under the water there are also plenty of other water activities like kayaking, swimming and stand-up paddle boards.

Another plus to a Fiji holiday is that if you’re not super keen on the beach, you have other options to explore. Fiji has many different rainforests and waterfalls for you to explore if that is more your thing. You can also check out the local markets and towns depending on where you are staying.

Holiday tip: Do yourself a favour and head to the coral coast or the southern coast of the island. This side of the island seems to have easier access to the ocean than those on the northern side of Fiji. This will usually require a bit of travel but it will be worth it. Check with your accommodation as many places offer and transfer transportation such as a bus to help you with getting to Coral Coast.

The holiday that isn't too far away (Emerald)

Looking for something a little closer to home? I have found the cutest accommodation nestled close in the bush on the other side of Melbourne. Glenview Retreat accommodation is spacious and offers a massive spa bath, excellent cooking facilities, a fire (for the colder months) and breakfast provisions (which are totally delicious by the way). It has a beautiful, native gardens around it that you can enjoy while having said breakfast. This little accommodation is also pet friendly and provides you with a lovely fenced backyard if you want to bring your fur-baby along!

This side of the world offers beautiful forest full of towering trees and gorgeous little ferns, a true fairy garden. There are plenty of paths for bush walking close by for you to explore.

This is also a great location to explore the area. There are plenty of small towns around the area like Emerald, Cockatoo and Healesville with their own attractions like Healesville Sanctuary and wonderful eateries.

The secluded holiday (North Queensland)

This accommodation may have been the reason I joined Airbnb and I can tell you that it is just as amazing in person!

If you are looking for a holiday that is away from the crowd, then this accommodation is for you! The Wild Ginger Retreat is located Bellenden Ker, a short drive under Cairns and heads up, you will need a hire car to get to it!

It is located in the rainforest and comes with its very own stream (that literally runs right past the house) and rock pool for you to swim in. You can watch the sun go down on the balcony and then coax up paddy melons and bandicoots with bananas.

The kitchen is great for cooking or you can take the short trip to Babinda for some take-away or restaurants.

If you can drag yourself away from the dreamy rainforest, you may decide to take one of the many tours to the great barrier reef or out to the other waterfall attractions that are around the area.

The really cool accommodation holiday (Ballarat)

Last on our list is back in Victoria in the usually cool city of Ballarat. This is one of the first Airbnb's I stayed at and it is ridiculously cool!

If you are not an outdoorsy type of person and would rather stay close to civilisation, this little holiday home could be perfect for your honeymoon! It is a little bit different to make you feel special while being in the perfect location.

This place has the most beautiful, rustic charm and can actually be hired for just a couple or a whole family! You will have access to excellent kitchen facilities and an awesome spa bath! The place also has a fire because Ballarat can get very cold, particularly in winter!

This accommodation is in an excellent location that makes getting to places in the city easy. Treat yourself to dinner where both you and your partner can walk to and from and enjoy a few cheeky drinks!

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